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How to efficiently control the temperature in electronic equipment?

Modern electrical systems frequently include control devices. These need to enhance efficient controllability; however, controllability often generates heat which influences the majority of heat-sensitive electrical components, such as a VSD and controller.

Most of the failures in electronic equipment are related to heat. That’s why it is paramount to control the temperature of the electronic components.

There are two techniques available to solve this problem: the passive heat sink or the active dynamic heat sink.

The passive heat sink is a fan, usually present at the back of every computer or variable speed drive unit. It can be cooled by air or by forced ventilation. The dynamic (active) heat sink is a cold plate that allows fluid to travel inside of it in order to cool any electronic devices that are attached to it.

The preferred method of cooling nowadays is the cooling operated by air or forced ventilation. However, this technique comes with lots of disadvantages:

  • Efficiency: the electrical cabinet has to be designed for the air to travel into it, and to be able to successfully reach and cool all the electronic components.
  • Contamination: the fan allows the electrical control cabinet to breathe, but it also opens it to dirt, dust, humidity and all kind of moisture.

The dynamic heat sink solution developed by HYDAC takes away all those external factors. The main key to this innovation is the total isolation of the electrical control cabinet. The cabinet is hermetically sealed; therefore we can control the environment inside the electrical box entirely. The cold plates are installed in the external backside of the system, and it’s driven by a control fluid, such as water, water-glycol or water-based fluid.

This compact solution gives us a very high IP (Internal Protection) rating, IP66, IP67 and IP68.

Why choosing the HYDAC cold plate solution? 

HYDAC cold plates are designed according to projects and specifications, and therefore, assure effective results. For instance, the cold plate can take all the backside space of the electrical box; or it can be tailor-made to be more effective in a certain area.

HYDAC also thought about systems installed in a hot and humid environment, which are often facing condensation problems. By creating an innovative purging point onto the electrical control box, it is possible to insert 99% dry nitrogen and making the electrical box condensation-free.

Choosing a dynamic heat sink solution, also called a cold plate, as a cooling solution for your system will assure a constant and stable cooling temperature, as well as a condensation-free electrical cabinet system.

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