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Improving reliability and system efficiency in a mine site in Queensland

The problem

A copper/gold mine in NW Queensland required upgrade improvements to extend the reliability and system efficiency of the VERTIMILL® splash lubrication circuit. Indeed, the customer encountered a significant mechanical failure of the 2nd stage planetary gearbox.

The goals

  • Mitigate the risk of ingress contaminates cooling tower circuit water from the lubrication circuit.
  • Remove the inefficient shell & tube cooling technology circuit and replace with high-efficiency air blast cooling system.
  • Design an independent compact footprint cooler/lube system with environmental bunding, integrated dual change over filtration, high-efficiency screw pump and motor set and correct oil sampling points. Enabled relocation of offline auxiliary filter system elsewhere.
  • Remove old flexible hosing and fixed tube work and replace with new tube systems for a safe work environment and improved housekeeping.


The solution

HYDAC, together working with their Service Partners Isadraulics, has designed an independent compact footprint cooling/lubrication system.

This upgraded system is considered a high-efficiency air blast cooling system. It has an environmental bunding, an integrated dual change over filtration, a high-efficiency screw pump, a motor set, and correct oil sampling points.


Old cooling/lubrication systems prior to the update.


Upgraded cooling/lubrication system by HYDAC/Isadraulics.

The results

The flow rate has been achieved to meet exacting OEM specifications to the 2 stage spur gear, planetary gearbox.

What’s more, the client required that the target oil temperatures to 2 stage planetary gearbox aim for 55ºC at operation (at worse case ambient temperature). The system also achieves this goal, with its thermal imagery showing the system in operation at approximately 38ºC ambient.

Also, the theoretical calculations from using HYDAC Cool-it! software has helped to provide real-world outcomes of the cooling system improvements.

Benefits and key figures:

  • High accuracy of oil sampling
  • Superior filtration technology for immediate ISO Cleanliness class targets and change out facility on the run
  • Locally and Nationally supported systems and components
  • Improved system availability and reliability
  • High-performance cooling at very high ambient temperatures


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