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Process Water Filtration for the Pulp and Paper Industry

Process water filtration for pulp and paper industry

The problem

An existing competitor self-cleaning filter was installed in a Paper mill in the state of Victoria, Australia. This filter was presenting problems with seal failure. This continual failure forced the client to look for alternatives.

The solution

HYDAC provided this company with the self-cleaning filter type RF3.

The HYDAC Backflushing Filter AutoFilt® RF3 is a self-cleaning automatic filter, with separation of the solid particle from low viscosity fluid. These filters have received NSF/ANSI 61-G & 372 certifications. NSF 61 is the premier standard for water system components and is the most recognized and respected certification by manufacturers, water utilities, and regulators around the globe.


  • There are two dynamic seals within the HYDAC RF3 self-cleaning filter. These seals are fairly well protected against the contamination found in the water.
  • The volume of water used for self-cleaning was an added benefit to the client. The HYDAC filter uses little water to self-clean itself.
  • The client was looking for a reliable filter that required the least maintenance intervention.


self-cleaning filter

For more information on HYDAC’s Backflushing Filter AutoFilt® RF3 click here.

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