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5 reasons to use IO-Link

IO-Link is a standardised communication technology. You let the sensors and actuators do the “talking“. Simply plug in the cable and off you go.

Five arguments in favour of IO-Link

1 – Reduce your costs

Configurable sensors and actuators reduce the variety of types required.
This cuts back on complexity when purchasing and saves space in your warehouse.


2 – Realise innovative machine concepts

Smart devices need continuous communication with each sensor and actuator to realise their full potential.
This expands the possibilities for developing more innovative machinery and systems.


3 – Shorten commissioning times

IO-Link communication runs using unshielded cables and uses industry-standard connection plugs.
This saves time and hassle when replacing a device.


4 – Increase the productivity of your machinery

IO-Link devices identify and configure themselves automatically. This simplifies replacement of defective components and reduces downtime to repair machinery and systems.


5 – Revolutionise your maintenance and repairs

Intelligent IO-Link devices provide functions for self-diagnosis. This enables new, predictive repair and maintenance concepts.

IO-Link is revolutionizing communication at the field level. Data from all levels of machinery and systems are made available entirely in line with Industry 4.0, bringing the potential for completely new and improved machine functions. Better and more economical production technologies are anticipated in the future with IO-Link.

Content source: www.io-link.com

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