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Coalescer – Water separator for diesel fuel





The Low Viscosity Unit LVU-CD-40 is a dewatering unit for diesel fuels with densities of less than 950 kg/m3. The dewatering process works according to the coalescence principle which means that tiny water droplets are combined into larger drops in the coalescing unit and separated from the diesel by force of gravity. The Low Viscosity Unit LVU-CD-40 is installed offline, but can also be used as a transfer unit for diesel fuel, with an optional pre-filter.


  • Stationary emergency power units
  • Diesel oil / fuel dewatering to reduce wear on engine injection nozzles and injection pumps
  • Storage tanks, e.g. for fuel pumps in mines, in industrial plants.



  • Cost-effective dewatering
  • Unlimited water separation, because no absorbent filter elements are used
  • Stainless steel housing to prevent internal corrosion
  • Simple connection as an offline unit.


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