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HYDAC Industrie 4.0 program


HYDAC can help you implement Industrie 4.0 “Smart Systems” in your hydraulic application, we can put in action the “Active” Condition Monitoring and “Self-Aware-Self-Correcting” systems, we take the Big Data and we configure everything in advance. We will train you and your team to enjoy the benefits of and be confident in this new technology. Our packages start from a simple integrated data acquisition to a fully customised 24/7 monitoring and guaranteed service support.

Industry 4.0

See below some areas of our Industrie 4.0 program:

  • Safety switch points warning and stop are always included
  • Measurement technologies (level, temperature, pressure, particle, oil aging, flow, vibration, etc..)
  • Integrated data acquisition
  • Predictive analysis
  • Remote data access
  • Remote monitoring software
  • HYDAC Service custom designed
  • Automated Corrective actions
  • Full redundant systems for critical applications

Our goal is to put in place a condition monitoring system with an implemented self-correcting system in order to invert the curve that leads a system to a catastrophic failure. See graphic below.

Condition Monitoring Graphic

Contact us today and find out how we can help you with your Industrie 4.0 requirements.

Upcoming Training course: Industrie 4.0

The future of automation depends on application “know-how” and HYDAC understands that training the next generation of engineers and technicians is key to assisting industry to optimise their production and realise the efficiencies and safety needed in the modern production space. For this reason, HYDAC has developed a training course with a focus on Industrie 4.0. Stay tuned, more information will be available soon.

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