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Increased demands on filtration in modern hydraulic and lubrication systems and the need for more energy efficient systems has required the development of new technical solutions. HYDAC is proud to be the leading innovator in filtration and we are very pleased to announce the launch of a NEW filter element Optimicron®.

Features of the new element are:
1. Up to 30%, lower clean element differential pressure through the element compared to Betamicron®4. This has been made possible through the inclusion of: 
a. A NEW HELIOS filter pleat geometry. This new pleat from HYDAC has the advantage of lowering differential pressure and also making more indent surface area available for oil flow through the element.
b. Integration of NEW drainage layers in the new Optimicron® media.
c. A new outer wrap with increased strength and improved diffuser effect leading into the filter media.
2. This lower clean element differential results in an INCREASE in element life and lower change out levels. A 30% reduction in clean element pressure drop results in the same increase in change out intervals.
3. Cost savings in energy consumption of the hydraulic / lubrication system. Lower clean element differential pressures mean less power is needed.
4. New optimised high-grade filter media in the new Optimicron® element ensuring even higher efficiencies and higher Beta ratios.
5. An inclusion of new 1 micron and 15 micron media as standard into our standard program.

These added benefits are at no additional charge. The new HYDAC Optimicron® element has remained at the same price as the Betamicron® element with all the above features.

Descriptions for the element have changed. Elements designated previously with BN4HC will now be designated with ON (optimicron®).
For example, previous Betamicron® element 0330 D 010 BN4HC will now be Optimicron® 0330 D 010 ON

This applies also to HYDAC filter assemblies.
For example, Betamicron® filter assembly DF BN/HC 110 TE 10 A 1.1 is now Optimicrono® filter assembly DF ON 110 TE 10 A 1.1

Betamicron® elements will be supplied until stocks in Australia and New Zealand are depleted. Once these stocks have been depleted, the new HYDAC Optimicron® will be supplied.
We ask that you bear with us during this time of implementation. Paperwork might still reflect Betamicron® elements when new Optimicron® are being supplied. The situation is temporary and we are working through changing all descriptions of elements.

HYDAC Optimicron® elements will set new standards in filtration efficiency and lifetime. HYDAC is proud to release this new element into our market with many new & innovative features.

Please feel free to contact HYDAC to enquire about our entire range of products:
Phone: 1300 449 322
Email us via our Contact page.

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