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HYDAC upcoming courses for June and July

Welcome to the new edition of our HYDACtual.
See below, some highlights for this month.

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Improving reliability and system efficiency in a mine site in Queensland

A copper/gold mine in NW Queensland required upgrade improvements to extend the reliability and system efficiency of the VERTIMILL® splash lubrication circuit. Indeed, the customer encountered a significant mechanical failure…

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Monitoring the Vestas V47 wind turbine

Prior to the year 2000, most wind turbines would have come from the OEM with very limited health monitoring capability. It is usually only consisting of a SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) system…

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Complete Cooling System with Cold Plates

HYDAC / COOLTECH offers high-performance and reliable liquid cooling.

Our engineering team can help you with your project, from a simple sub-assembly for OEMs to a complete PLC controlled cooling solutions. Our cooling units are in accordance with CE and, upon request, can be UL certified.


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We will be exhibiting at the next IICA (Institute of Instrumentation, Control and Automation) event, in Brisbane on Wednesday, the 29th of May.

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