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Be informed of changes in fluid condition


Predictive Maintenance is the solution to avoid and to minimize system downtime or breakdown in the production process.

HYDAC ELECTRONIC have therefore optimised their product portfolio by their recently developed HYDACLAB® 1400, an interesting and powerful component for the use in Condition Monitoring in industrial and mobile applications.

The recent version provides 6 output signals; besides the saturation level, temperature, absolute electric conductivity, including changes in conductivity, as well as the absolute dielectric constant and changes in the dielectric constant. LEDs enable the visualisation of the sensor and oil condition.

HYDACLAB® 1400 sensors are compact, multi-functional sensors suited for the online determination of the fluid condition. The user is kept informed of changes in fluid condition as they occur (e.g. oil ageing or mixing) and can immediately react to the unpermitted operating conditions.

The standard version provides one switching output (warning or alert) and one reversible analogue output signal (4 .. 20 mA or 0 .. 10 V) from which any measured values can be read out as a sequence.
The measured values can be visualised on various HYDAC display units.



  • Online condition monitoring of oils
  • Utilisation in mobile and industrial applications
  • Display via LED
  • Analogue output signal for:
    – Saturation
    – Temperature
    – Absolute electric conductivity
    – Change of electronic conductivity
    – Absolute dielectric constant (DC)
    – Change in DC
  • Switching output
  • Compact design
  • Simple cartridge mounting


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