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Systems – Kinesys electric cylinder


Kinesys Electric Cylinder



HYDAC’s HEZ electric cylinders are the solution for a really easy implementation of linear movements; using a screw drive, the rotation of its electric motor is converted into linear movements that can have various positioning forces, speeds and duty cycles.

Indeed, various types of drive can be selected, from a simple drive to a high precision positioning drive. They all have different connections for the electric motor, offering diverse installation variants.

Delivered with rod end bearing on the piston rod, a cylinder with attached motors and pivot bearing pins, electric cylinders are available in a range of designs, allowing also customised units.

HYDAC’s HEZ electric cylinders require no maintenance, have a very good environmental compatibility and a low noise in operation. What’s more, it includes customisable stroke length, compact drive unit and a possible self-locking.


  • Positioning force up to 25 kN, dynamic
  • Positioning speeds up to 1 m/s
  • Stroke up to 2000 mm, freely selectable
  • Duty cycle up to 100%, depending on the version
  • Various sensors can be installed to determine the position
  • Other characteristics are possible, depending on the application


  • Pivot bracket (see chapter 7.4 options)
  • Eye at the rear (see chapter 7.4 options)
  • Limit switch
  • Control (contactor control, frequency inverter, servo controller)



HEZ units are available in three versions. These versions differ in the way that the drive is attached to the HEZ unit.

TN_KinesysElectricCylinder_2 The drive is mounted at a right angle to the electric cylinder.

TN_KinesysElectricCylinder_3 The drive is mounted in line with the electric cylinder.

TN_KinesysElectricCylinder_4 The drive is mounted in parallel to the electric cylinder.

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