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Know the remaining useful life of the filter element

predictive maintenance

HYDAC is proud to present an algorithm, which is able to determine the remaining useful life of the filter elements in connection with intelligent clogging indicators made by HYDAC.

Now, the end user can easily organise its service schedule and even saves service costs, because the useful life of the filter element is completely exhausted.

Differential Pressure Transmitter

One of the appropriated indicators for this function is the HPT 500 (analogue differential pressure transducer).

Click here to download data-sheet.


  • Appropriate filter change (not according to valid intervals) and therefore the full benefit of the filter reserve.
  • Service can be scheduled in a proactive way (spare element orders, etc).
  • No unexpected machine downtimes.
  • Indication in case of discrepancy (real service life strongly differs from expected service life) and therefore early error indicator (e. g. reference to strong contamination).



The intelligent algorithm to determine the remaining useful life of filter elements can be used in all systems that require a continuous and intelligent monitoring. It’s a beneficial feature for both, stationary and mobile applications.

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