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Cooling systems – Mini lube system


Mini Lube System: The complete package for Hydraulic Systems

HYDAC Mini Lube System has already been a great success in the Cooling System Division. This system is a self-contained unit with cooler, screw pump and filter. Its compact design enables quick, simple integration into the offline circuit.The ACAF pump transfer cooler filtration unit has been specially designed for cooling and lubrication stationary gearboxes and lubrication system (e.g. HPU…).
It provides a complete package:

  • Hydraulic power units
  • Lubrication systems
  • Filtration and cooling systems

It’s been designed and manufactured for the Australasian market and can be used in small gearboxes and hydraulic lubrication systems. See below the series available.

ACAF-LN 2 Series

The cooler (oil or water glycol) uses air moved by an AC fan across an aluminium matrix to dissipate heat from the fluid as it passes through a series of tubes.

Cooling power: 2 poles/3000 rpm (H), 4 poles/1500 rpm (S)
Filter: QP MX filter, 5, 10, 15 and 20 µm.
Pump: Compact and silent HSP screw pump for the following fluid flow: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12 and 15 l/min.

ACAF-LN2H Series

Motor type: Single and 3 phase.
Materials and internal protection: Aluminium, IP55, 56, 65. Cast iron IP66.
Explosion proof: Cast iron Ex d, Ex de, Ex e, Ex nA, Ex tD



ACAF Series

This is a lube system that uses air is drawn by an AC single phase (1440 rpm @ 50Hz) fan across an aluminium matrix to dissipate heat from the fluid as it passes through a series of tubes.

Noise level dB(A) @ 1 m distance: 64.0 (S version) 80.0 (H version)
Max. dynamic operating pressure: 16 bar
Max. operating temperature: 130°C
Standard Colours RAL: 5009, 9002 (other colours available on request)


ACAF Duplex Filter

Continuous cooling and offline filtration extend the service life of the oil and of the gears.

It enables the filter to be changed without switching off the unit. In addition, there is an integrated thermal bypass valve which ensures that the system continues to run even at low temperatures because the cold oil is not fed through cooler core.

Once the oil is warm enough, it can flow through the heat exchanger to cool the unit.

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