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Mobile valves – G-Pro


The new joystick controller unit G-pro combines the flexible functionality of a remote control with that of a mobile controller. This means that electrically actuated valves, as well as other electrical actuators, can be controlled directly.

The main control axes can be operated with an ergonomically designed thumb-joystick.

Interchangeable control panels enable flexible configuration of the control unit. In combination with HYDAC mobile valves a multitude of control configurations are possible for different applications, i.e.small tractors, front loaders, forestry-cranes, municipal machines and many other diverse mobile construction and agricultural machines.


Technical data:


  • 6 current controlled PWM outputs with feedback, up to 2A
  • 3 digital outputs, up to 3A
  • Voltage supply: from 9V up to 36V
  • Allowable current consumption: up to 12A (continuous)
  • Protection level: IP54


Product advantages: 

The G-pro is an innovative product combining a thumb joystick and additional operating elements with a mobile electronic controller in one modular unit.
Simple mechanical mounting of the joystick unit is achieved with a flex-arm, which can be adjusted to the required positions, to ensure optimum ergonomics during operation. It is also possible to install the unit in a customised bracket, armrest or console.

The remaining installation of the pre-programmable remote control only takes a matter of minutes. Simply connect the power supply to the G-pro joystick controller unit, attach the harness to the control valve or actuator and without the need for a separate mobile controller, work can start with a smaller mobile machine – just like “Plug & Work”. Via 6 current controlled PWM outputs (with current feedback) 3 proportional axes can be operated. A maximum of 3 additional on/off outputs can be activated with push-buttons.

Compared to conventional joystick solutions, the complete design has no moving or bending cable components and the risk of cable break resulting from frequent operations is thereby reduced.
All operational modes and system errors can be visualised by LED’s. With an easy to operate software tool, the control unit can be programmed through a standard micro USB interface.

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