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NEW 1L Bladder Accumulator

Good morning,

Please be advised that we have a new 1L bladder accumulator in our production range. The old version 1L accumulator is no longer available.
The new version is equipped with a higher flow oil port. The flow limitation is 10 L/s.

Old version:
Part number: 3238422
Desc: SB330-1A1/112F-330A

New version:
Part number: 2358236 
Desc: SB330H-1A1/112F-330A

What else has changed?

Bladder accumulator shell

Old part # 3227283

New part # 2358221

Oil Valve

Old part # 376366

New part # 375755


Old part #2105411

New part # 2105431

Seal Kit

Old part # 353606

New part # 353609

If you still want to use the 3/4” port, we can provide you with the adapter.
Part number 2104384.

Need an adapter?

Please, be attentive on the model that you currently have installed when you place orders for spare parts.
For more information, contact your local sales representative.

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