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How to prevent oil mist in the environment?


50 to 200 m3/h                       300 to 700 m3/h

Small industrial turbines     Large power plant turbine

What is “oil mist” and how to reduce it? 

Oil mist is produced in the lubricating oil tank and at hot contact points in the turbine bearing. This oil mist needs to be separated off, for health reasons, economic and ecological benefits, and to comply with legal limits.

How does it work? 

The HYDAC oil mist separator is an important component of lubricating oil systems in turbines, such as gas, steam and hydro turbines. They are connected to the turbine’s lubricating oil tank.

A powerful low-noise side channel blower is used to extract air from the lubricating oil tank.
This creates a defined negative pressure in the tank (e.g. -5 to -20 mbar). This negative pressure is connected to the turbine bearings via the return lines, preventing oil mist from escaping there through the seals, and can be adjusted securely and conveniently by means of a lockable throttle valve.

Our oil mist separator performs two main jobs:

  • Preventing oil mist from escaping
  • Separating and recovering the lubricating oil


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