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How to remove varnish whilst the system is operating

The HYDAC Varnish Elimination Unit VEU-F-AU is used for the conditioning and refurbishment of mineral oils where heat and operating conditions can damage the oil, forming varnish which can contaminate the system.

The VEU-F-AU has the unique characteristic of being a fully “online and on load” treatment sub-system, allowing varnish removal and clean-up of the oil whilst the system is operating.

The video below shows how to setup and operate this unit.

More about our Varnish Elimination Unit – VEU-F-AU

Because of the semi-soluble nature of varnish in oil, standard filtration procedures are normally insufficient to remove the varnish from the oil. Other removal processes are either: slow and expensive, or they require the system to be shut down before the oil can be treated.

The VEU-F-AU also returns the processed oil back to the tank with only an approximately 5°C drop in temperature so that its use will not impact the existing system balance and operation mode (there will be no system shock).

Additionally, the VEU-F-AU uses no complex chemicals or other mechanisms; rather it uses the renowned OLF-Dimicron filtration elements that are easily available nationally and internationally.

The unit is available for temporary service or for permanent installation on a new system. We believe this to be the best, the fastest and most easy to use system on the market today!

Varnish Elimination Unit

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