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Application Sensors with Increased Functional Safety Controllers

More and more safety-critical functions are being incorporated today in mechanical engineering, automation, electrical engineering and process technology. Programmable systems are being used increasingly in this field.

Functional safety is the portion of total system safety which depends on the correct function of safety-critical systems for minimising risk. This includes electrical, electronic and programmable electronic systems (E/E/PES).

These systems must carry out their intended functions (safety functions) within defined error conditions and with defined high probability. The aim is to achieve and maintain a safe system condition with the help of safety controllers.

The technical requirements with regard to functional safety are derived from the standards IEC 61508 and EN 13849. For this, HYDAC provides controllers and software certified to IEC 61508, SIL 2 / 3 and EN 13849, PL d.

HYDAC offers sensors for pressure, position, and distance for applications with increased functional safety, and can provide support and advice to the customer, as required, through the entire product development cycle – from design and simulation, right through to the application software, commissioning and series production.

HYDAC Functional Safety Controllers and Sensors:

Pressure Transmitters

  • HDA 4700 – Functional safety PL d, Cat 3(download data-sheet)
  • The HAD 4700 series pressure transmitter has been specially designed and manufactured to be used in safety circuits or safety functions as a key component of the operational safety of equipment and machinery up to PL d – Cat 3.

  • HDA 8700 – Functional safety PL d, SIL 2   (download data-sheet)
  • Developed and manufactured with the OEM market in mind, the pressure transmitter series HDA 8700 is commonly used in mobile applications. Similar to the majority of our pressure transmitters and safety controllers, this series of pressure transmitters is built on a strong and durable-film sensor.


Sensors for distance

  • HLT 1100-R2 Analogue – Functional safety PL d, SIL 2   (download data-sheet)
  • The HLT 1100 linear position sensor has been created for particular usage in safety circuits and safety functions as a significant element of the operational safety of machinery and equipment up to SIL 2 (IEC 61508) or PL d (ISO 13849).

  • HLT 1100-R2  CAN – Functional safety PL d, SIL 2   (download data-sheet)
  • In this CANopen version of the above linear position transmitter, the measured value becomes digitised and distributed to the CAN field bus system through the CANopen protocol.

  • HLS 100 – Functional safety PL d, SIL 2 (download data-sheet)
  • The HLS 100 position switch series has been specifically developed to sense the end position of safety-related devices on mobile machinery.

  • HLS 200 – Functional safety PL d, SIL 2   (download data-sheet)
  • The HLS 200 position switch is used for trustworthy recognition of valve centre positions. These position switches are used both in portable and in static applications.


Angle sensors – HAT

  • 1200 – Functional safety PL d, SIL 2   (download data-sheet)
  • 1400 – Functional safety PL d, SIL 2  (download data-sheet)
  • 3800 – Functional safety PL d, SIL 2   (download data-sheet)
  • All three products are absolute measuring single turn angle sensors. The first product – the 1200 model – is analogue while the 1400 and 3800 versions are CANopen (the 1400 boasting a two chamber design).



  • HIT 1500 – Functional safety PL d, SIL 2  (download data-sheet)
  • Measuring the angle of inclination is crucial across a wide variety of applications, as it is necessary to guarantee that machine functions are fit for use and processes can be controlled.


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