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HYDAC Automatic back-flushing filter AutoFilt RF10

With the Automatic Back-flushing Filter AutoFilt RF10 HYDAC offers a solution for applications where conventional back-flushing filters reach their limit.

Service spectrum of the AutoFilt® RF10:

  • Back-flushing independent of the pressure on the filter clean side
  • Only depending on the inlet pressure.
  • Highly-efficient back-flushing even under low-pressure conditions and with long back-flushing lines.
  • Due to its highly efficient back-flushing, the filter is even suitable for high dirt loads and peaks in contamination.

Ballast water provides stability for ships at sea where seawater is either taken into or discharged from the relevant tanks, depending on the freight. This additional weight ensures that the part-loaded or empty container giants achieve their optimum position in the water. Without ballast, they would be unstable in the water. During sea transport, millions of animal or plant organisms are however also transported in the ballast water and are taken to alien environments. When discharging the ballast water, these organisms are released at the port of discharge. If the environment in the new location is similar to their native  environment, the non-native species can survive. Non-indigenous species are therefore introduced into the local ecosystem where they can proliferate or mutate unhindered. In order to overcome this problem it was decided through the adoption of the Ballast Water Convention of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) in February 2004 in London, that the treatment of ballast water on ships will be compulsory from 2009. HYDAC Process Technology has engaged intensively with the pre-filtration stage of mechanical ballast water treatment and provides a comprehensive technical range of components, systems, and services for shipping.

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