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Webinar: CM-Expert Hydraulic – CME-AU1000


In this webinar, you will learn about the CM-Expert, what are the options available, suitable applications, installations, and integration. This is the first topic of a series of webinar related to predictive maintenance. Stay tuned!

The CM-Expert Hydraulic fluid condition monitoring unit is designed to provide a complete package solution for hydraulic and lubrication System monitoring.

The CM-Expert Hydraulic combines air bubble suppression with oil condition sensors and multiple communication options in a unit that can be installed with minimal impact on an existing system.

The package can be installed in both low pressure and high-pressure systems as the sensors are protected from pressure and flow fluctuations. Options include the use of an HYDAC AquaSensor or HYDAC Lab, LED display on the CS1000 particle counter and method of connectivity (Modbus(TCP/IP) /Wi-Fi/Mobile Network).

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