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HYDAC Diesel PreCare – HT Version

Mobile machines and commercial vehicles are subject to the toughest working conditions all over Australia. To ensure the smooth running of vehicles and to protect both the engine and the whole drive system from damage, optimum diesel fuel conditioning is particularly important. HYDAC offers a modern system for diesel filtration which protects vehicle manufacturers and operators from failures, breakdowns, and expensive service interventions.  HYDAC offers two versions of the cartridge filter system, manual water discharge and fully automatic discharge.

Benefits of the HYDAC Diesel PreCare include: low residues of diesel left in the filter element in the event of service, compact design, reliable radial seal, captive seal design, visual analysis of the contamination possible, protection from limitations by means of quality protection, no first-line contamination with hard particles and no ingress of contamination due to corrosion.

The HYDAC Diesel PreCare increases both reliability and life of the machine.

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