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HYDAC Process Filter PLF1 for filter solid particles

Finest filtration – high contamination loads – high flow rates


  • Separation of solid particles from low viscosity fluids e.g. Washing fluids or Injection Water
  • Suitable for applications with the highest purity requirements
  • Filtration ratings from 1 to 90 µm
  • Very large filter area per element higher than 5m2


  • Innovative element geometry with very high contamination capacity
  • High separation performance
  • High contamination retention capacity
  • Long service life
  • Protection of the clean side during filter element change thanks to fixed support tube
  • Now available PLF1 with clamp connection – reduction of installation time when changing the filter element of up to 70% in comparison to conventional flange connections


  • Filtration of cooling lubricants and washing fluids , for e.g. in part cleaning systems
  • Filtration on test rigs
  • Protective filtration before UV, ozone and membrane systems, micro filtration, nano filtration, ultra filtration, reverse osmosis.
  • Process water treatment
  • Filtration of injection water
  • Production of pure and ultra pure water
  • Extending the service life of circulating fluids
  • Filtration of drinking water


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