Offline Filter - OLF - 15/30/45/60


The OLF 15/30/45/60 series of filtration units are robust off-line filters. They are mainly for stationary applications in hydraulic and lubrication systems with a large fluid volume.

These filtration units are using some of the Dimicron element's features:

  • A particularly high contamination retention capacity
  • And an environmentally safe method of disposal (incinerable).

What's more, these filters's applications are machine tools and plastic injection moulding machines.


  • An improvement of component and system filter lifetime
  • A greater machine availability
  • A longer intervals between oil changes
  • A very easy maintenance
  • Also, the elements have a high contamination retention capacity
  • And, environmentally safe disposal of elements (incinerable)
  • Content of the housing: max 78 l
  • Operating pressure: max. 6 bar
  • High service-friendliness
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Offline Filter OLF 15304560

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