Predictive Maintenance

One day course.

Understanding Predictive Maintenance 4.0.

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One of the key factors of Industry 4.0 is predictive maintenance. It facilitates improvements in machinery functionality and productivity in industries such as manufacturing and logistics, among many others. HYDAC will soon offer comprehensive training in predictive maintenance that makes an otherwise complex topic easier to understand, with a course available soon to managers and employees that work in innovation and industry.

Predictive maintenance practices are employed to ascertain the condition of in-service machinery in order to determine the point it becomes necessary to perform essential maintenance. It is a cost-effective approach when compared to time-based or routine maintenance, as maintenance tasks are carried out only when necessary.

  • Predictive Maintenance 4.0: whats is Predictive Maintenance in the 21st century? 
  • What technologies can be used in this field?