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SAE Mounting and Splined Coupling


In this section, you will find our SAE bell-housings and splined coupling.

To SAE A 2 BOLT – spigot 82.55 mm

For pumps: PPV100S16-FRXXSPU2C

Bell Housing2.2-4kW100 - 112SAE AB 11T-16/32DP3062194
Bell Housing5.5-7.5kW132SAE AB 11T-16/32DP4030259
Coupling2.2-4kW100 - 112SAE AB 11T-16/32DP4150357
Coupling5.5-7.5kW132SAE AB 11T-16/32DP3491173


To SAE B 2 BOLT – spigot 101.6 mm

For pumps: PPV100S37-FRXXSPU2C / PPV100S56-FRXXSPU2C AND PPV101-45/B-1NRSM

Bell Housing5.5-7.5kW132SAE BB 15T-16/32DP722942
Bell Housing11-15kW160SAE BB 15T-16/32DP3034097
Bell Housing18.5-22kW180SAE BB 15T-16/32DP3034097
Bell Housing30kW200SAE BB 15T-16/32DP3067928
Bell Housing37-45kW225SAE BB 15T-16/32DP3210785
Coupling5.5-7.5kW132SAE BB 15T-16/32DP3248349
Coupling11-15kW160SAE BB 15T-16/32DP3083904
Coupling18.5-22kW180SAE BB 15T-16/32DP3085588
Coupling30kW200SAE BB 15T-16/32DP3202532
Coupling37-45kW225SAE BB 15T-16/32DP3172817


To SAE C 4 BOLT – spigot 127 mm

For pumps: PPV100S37-FRXXSPU2D   /   PPV100S71-FRXXSPU2D AND PPV100S56-FRXXSPU2D

Bell Housing5.5-7.5kW132SAE C 14T-12/24DP3478730
Bell Housing11-15kW160, 180SAE C 14T-12/24DP3068605
Bell Housing18.5-22kW160, 180SAE C 14T-12/24DP3068605
Bell Housing30kW200SAE C 14T-12/24DP3072928
Bell Housing37-45kW225SAE C 14T-12/24DP3319172
Coupling5.5-7.5kW132SAE C 14T-12/24DP6128470
Coupling11-15kW160, 180SAE C 14T-12/24DP4165379
Coupling18.5-22kW160, 180SAE C 14T-12/24DP3022519
Coupling30kW200SAE C 14T-12/24DP3022602
Coupling37-45kW225SAE C 14T-12/24DP3290445


To SAE D 4 BOLT – spigot 152.4 mm

For pumps: PPV100S100-FRXXSPU2D

Bell Housing18.5-22kW160, 180SAE CC 17T-12/24DP3684290
Bell Housing30kW200SAE CC 17T-12/24DP3642182
Bell Housing37-45kW225SAE CC 17T-12/24DP3642205
Bell Housing55kW250SAE CC 17T-12/24DP3642208
Coupling18.5-22kW160, 180SAE CC 17T-12/24DP3221496
Coupling30kW200SAE CC 17T-12/24DP3058266
Coupling37-45kW225SAE CC 17T-12/24DP3117003
Coupling55kW250SAE CC 17T-12/24DP3202618


To SAE D 4 BOLT – spigot 152.4 mm

For pumps: PPV100S145-FRXXSPU2D  /  PPV100S180-FRXXSPU2D

Bell Housing30kW200SAE D 13T-8/16DP3642182
Bell Housing37-45kW225SAE D 13T-8/16DP3642205
Bell Housing55kW250SAE D 13T-8/16DP3642208
Bell Housing75-90kW250, 280SAE D 13T-8/16DP**
Bell Housing110-132kW280, 315SAE D 13T-8/16DP**
Coupling30kW200SAE D 13T-8/16DP**
Coupling37-45kW225SAE D 13T-8/16DP3246069
Coupling55kW250SAE D 13T-8/16DP3246043
Coupling75-90kW250, 280SAE D 13T-8/16DP3202622
Coupling110-132kW280, 315SAE D 13T-8/16DP3350103
** Part number not available at the moment.
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