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Supports for Hydraulic Accumulators


HYDAC supports help to install all types of hydraulic accumulator safely and simply, irrespective of the installation position and location.

Moreover, clamps, consoles and complete accumulator sets are available.

In one hand, the supports are for static use; on the other hand, for dynamic stresses, specially designed clamps are available on request.


Bladder Accumulators Clamps

445042HYRAC 110-118/124 H10 STSB330-1/2.5/5
445043HYRAC 167-175/178 H5 STSB330-4/6
445045HYRAC 202-210/214 H8 STSB35-10/20/32/50
445049HYRAC 225-234/234 H3 STSB400-10/20/32/50
235224HSS 222/229SB330/400/500-10/20/32/50
444924HRGKSM 4 R 404-415/412 STSB330-160/200
235132610-50L S/S Clamp (300-5518)SB400/690-10/20/32/50
235132710-50L S/S Bracket (300-5705)SB400/690-10/20/32/50
3437538HRGKSM 3 R 235-246/243 A4Stainless Steel


Diaphragm Accumulators Clamps (Weld Type)

445037HYRAC 62-65 STSBO250-0.075
445038HYRAC 73-76 STSBO210-0.16
445040HYRAC 92-95/96 STSBO210-0.32
444904HYRAC 100-105 STSBO210-0.5
444905HYRAC 106-114/115 H3 STSBO100-0.7
445042HYRAC 110-118/124 H10 STSBO330-0.6/0.7
444906HYRAC 121-129/133 H8 STSBO210/330-0.75
444907HYRAC 133-142/142 H3 STSBO200-1
444908HYRAC 143-151/151 H3 STSBO140/210-1.4
444909HYRAC 152-159/160 H3 STSBO330-1.4
444910HYRAC 160-167/169 H5 STSBO100-2
445043HYRAC 167-175/178 H5 STSBO210/250/330-2/2.8/3.5
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