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Accumulators Station

HYDAC supplies fully assembled piston accumulator stations which are ready for operation.

Indeed, HYDAC completes them with all the necessary valve controls, ball valves and safety equipment:

  • As an individual accumulator unit or
  • In a backup version with nitrogen bottles to increase the effective volume

What’s more, the HYDAC system approach creates an HYDAC system by integrating individual HYDAC components. E.g bladder or piston accumulator stations.

So, an accumulator station can be composed of:

  • Piston accumulators with nitrogen bottles
  • Bladder accumulators with nitrogen bottles or
  • Nitrogen bottles alone

Moreover, the modular construction of the accumulator stations enables HYDAC to incorporate all customer requirements. Therefore, HYDAC can calculate the required accumulator volume using the accumulator sizing program, taking the customer’s own operating data into account:

  • ASP – Accumulator Simulation Program


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