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Accumulators Unit with Bladder Accumulators – ACCUSET SB


The HYDAC accumulator unit ACCUSET SB consists of a bladder accumulator SB, a safety and shut-off block SAF and the appropriate accumulator set SEB. What’s more, the parts serve for optimum compatibility and provide a compact, ready-to-install unit.

Moreover, this space-saving combination simplifies the connection of the accumulator to the hydraulic system. It also reduces maintenance costs and considerably reduces assembly costs.


  • A simple and secure mounting of the accumulator at the installation site
  • The connection of the accumulator with a hydraulic system via a safety and shut-off block
  • It protects the accumulator from excessive pressure
  • The discharge of the accumulator to the tank via a pressure release valve
  • Also, a separation of the accumulator from the system
  • Two additional hydraulic connections on the shut-off block for accessories (e.g. pressure gauge).


  • V = 1.0 … 50 l
  • pmax = 330 bar


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