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Bladder Integrity Systems

Bladder integrity System

HYDAC has developed a new product, the Bladder Integrity System, or BIS for short. It consists of BIS bladder, BIS adapter and electronic component BIS 1000.

The BIS detects fluid which has penetrated the bladder and transmits a signal. A split is therefore detected in the bladder. In addition, the temperature and pressure can be monitored electronically (current loop/HART). The BIS is available together with a bladder accumulator as initial equipment. A retrofit version is the BIS-bladder and is also available.


– Identifies defective bladder during operation → Planned repair/maintenance intervals → Reduction in down times

– Integrated pressure and temperature measurement: → Pressure and temperature monitoring of the accumulator during operation → Accurate adjustment of p0 and simultaneous temperature indication.

Applications: hydraulic accumulators with an emergency function such as mechanical seals, davits, unmanned plants like remotely monitored oil fields, etc…


3829214Bladder 10L 7/8_VG5 NBR20/1.4313 BIS
3859585Bladder 20L 7/8_VG5 NBR20/1.4313 BIS
3859625 Bladder 32L 7/8_VG5 NBR20/1.4313 BIS
3906226Bladder 32L M22x1,5 NBR20/1.4462 BIS
3859628Bladder 50L M50_VG5 NBR20/1.4313 BIS
3905725Bladder 50L M50x2/M22 NBR20/1.4462 BIS
3802556Adapter FPS 7/8-14UNF
923742BIS 1326-F21-0400-000
924351BIS 132Q-F21-0400-DS-000
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