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Hydraulics Damper


The pressure fluctuations occurring in hydraulic systems can be cyclical or one-off problems due to:

  • Flow rate fluctuations from displacement pumps
  • Actuation of shut-off and control valves with short opening and closing times
  • Switching pumps on and off
  • Sudden linking of spaces with different pressure levels

HYDAC hydraulic dampers are particularly suitable for damping such pressure fluctuations.

Selecting the most suitable hydraulic damper for each system ensures that:

  • Vibrations caused by pipes, valves, couplings etc are minimised and subsequent pipe and valve damage is prevented
  • Measuring instruments are protected and their performance is no longer impaired
  • The noise level in hydraulic systems is reduced
  • The performance of machine tools is improved
  • Interconnection of several pumps in one line is possible
  • An increase in pump rpm and feed pressure is possible
  • The maintenance and servicing costs can be reduced
  • The service life of the system is increased


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