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What a Condition Monitoring System Does

The purpose of a condition monitoring system is to monitor and methodically optimise production. It collects production and machine data that can be retrieved on any mobile device. The system is designed to provide maintenance engineers with information regarding the status of the machine, as well as advise process engineers on the state of the production process. Machine operators are also notified of any errors or faulty parts in the system.

Key Features of Condition Monitoring Systems

  • The condition monitoring of machines and systems can be configured swiftly and easily
  • It oversees and manages all associated devices, including sensors, machines and other systems
  • Customised dashboards and widgets can be designed to fulfil the user’s specific requirements
  • System hierarchies can be set up and managed
  • Configurable visual representation of live and historical measurements and machine messages
  • Export application for historical measured values in selectable aggregation levels

What a Fluid Condition Monitoring System Can Do

Captures Physical Variables

A condition monitoring system’s sensor captures various physical variables, including temperature, vibration, ambient pressure and relative humidity. The system will then process and display the sought after data to a host system via IO-Link. Furthermore, the sensor is also designed to monitor and communicate its condition via its incorporated self-awareness functions; this will keep users informed at all times of the system’s internal temperature, start cycles, the number of operating hours and other information.

Simple to Use

The system’s included IO-Link protocol standard permits users to parameterise the sensor and match the processing in the sensor to any particular application as required. This streamlines the process of integrating it into both new and older systems. The process data structure allows five pre-processed or measured data types to be easily configured and intermittently transmitted. On top of how easy it is to use, the IO-Link protocol also allows users to delve into other statistical evaluations if need be.

Data Volumes Can Be Reduced

The sensor has an automated function that allows it to monitor measurements and processing variables that can be utilised to outline limit values for both pre- and main alarms. These produce warning messages that alert users when issues arise. By monitoring pre-set limits, the sensor can be used as a monitoring device that only communicates relevant data on the interface, which in turn decreases the volume of irrelevant data shown and only shows the required data.

Fluid Awareness Consists of Condition Monitoring, Filtration and Cooling Systems

There is a direct correlation between the profitability and efficiency of complete hydraulic and lubrication systems and the condition of the fluids typically used in them – oil cleanliness, for example. Once the connection between the two becomes clear, so too does the action that needs to be taken: cooling, continuous condition based monitoring, and a well-engineered filtration system to guarantee the efficiency and operating reliability of the whole system.

HYDAC experts will provide you with modern cooling and condition monitoring solutions that are specific to your system and enable optimum performance and reliability. We implement equipment preventive maintenance systems to preserve the life of your hydraulic or lubrication system, using tools such as oil analysis equipment to determine ISO oil cleanliness. By taking a holistic approach with a condition monitoring system, it is possible to improve the condition of the fluid used and to reduce the life cycle costs.

We’re Here to Help You

As HYDAC’s hydraulic experts and advocates of preventive maintenance management, we want to focus attention on fluid awareness and we would like to share our experience with you. Our organisation has been providing our clients with state-of-the-art products that can be used for all kinds of fluid condition monitoring applications.

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How Does Your Equipment Measure Up?

Fluid service is a comprehensive range of technical services for our end users which aims to:

  • Enhance machine availability and optimise hydraulic equipment and systems
  • Reduce customers’ operational costs through preventive maintenance and strict oil testing

HYDAC Fluid Service covers the whole spectrum of fluid technology, such as:

  • Hydraulic oils
  • Lubrication oils
  • Cooling/cutting fluids
  • Water
  • Diesel Fuels
  • Cleaning and testing fluids

The essential elements of Fluid Service can be products and systems, service or individual projects and services which are assigned to us by our customers. This includes items like a moisture in oil sensor, which can detect the presence and level of water in oil.

The whole spectrum of fluid engineering is provided either by HYDAC Sales directly or by our certified Service Partners at home and abroad.

We also aim to train customers’ specialist personnel through our HYDAC School. The extensive range of further training courses and internal and external Seminars and Workshops on offer is focused exclusively on the needs of our customers and is constantly being updated in line with the latest technology and international legal requirements.  

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