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Cooling Systems

In hydraulic systems, energy is transformed and transmitted. During this transformation and transmitting, losses occur, i.e. mechanical and hydraulic energy is converted into heat. It is the function of cooling systems to dissipate this heat.

HYDAC is a proven partner and supplier of a modular series of components and systems in cooling technology, specially designed for such functions.

Application-based engineering designs are developed and manufactured in product-orientated laboratories, testing and production facilities for applications in mobile and industrial machinery and systems.

OEM Customized Solutions

Taylor made for the Australasian market.

 HYDAC Cooling Systems - OEM customised solutions

Combined Cooling Systems

The increased demands for energy efficiency and the noise emission requirements for mobile machines mean that cooling systems for these vehicles have to be developed to the dimensional limits of what is physically possible. Specific OEM designs are the prerequisite for optimum cooling system solutions.

This cooling system consists of performance-optimized cooling elements in aluminium block construction and encompassed charge air (Intercooler), engine coolant (Radiator) and hydraulic oil (Oil cooler).

Special fan designs coupled with proportional hydraulic motors provide the optimum solution to meet all cooling requirements on mobile machines. In addition this solution more than fulfils all the noise directive requirements for mobile equipment.

The resulting compact construction saves space, weight and installation costs. The additional integration of a switching valve to reverse the direction of fan rotation (suction as well as blown air direction) enables the cooling system to be cleaned while the machine is operating, thus avoiding downtime.

New Cooler System Vehicle Cooling Systems
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Research & Development

The continuous dedication of the HYDAC team, always driving improvement with regard to technological development and innovation, product design and expertise makes  HYDAC  a highly competitive company.  Its sophisticated Research & Development Centre guarantees that customers all over the world are provided with the latest technology at the highest quality.

This “CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE” is highly specialized, not only in terms of its equipment, but also its processes and software simulation tools (e.g. CFD, FEM, KULI) applied and the team working at this R&D Centre.

Product knowledge is accumulated through technologically high standing test rigs, wind tunnel and other TUEV certified equipment.  Important performance tests in terms of heat exchange, pressure drop, air resistance, resistance to the fatigue, corrosion, noise, thermal-shock and vibrations are executed and analysed in our Centre of Excellence.

The Research and Development laboratory has the capacity and capability to always develop products
of the latest and most advanced technology, thus being able to provide a wide range of advantages to its users.

HYDAC is not only the owner of several patents, but is also working successfully with partnerships, such like universities and participating in several European Research projects.

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