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Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger


A plate heat exchanger serves wherever there is a transfer of thermal energy (heat) from one fluid to another. The advantage is that it can maintain the fluid temperature at a very low and stable level – depending on the temperature of the coolant.

Plate heat exchangers consist of a stack of stamped heat exchanger plates which are either brazed together or bolted together in a frame with gaskets. Medium flows in the channels between the plates where the hot medium (which will be cooled) alternates with cold medium (which will be heated). The design of the plates induces the turbulent flow required for efficient heat transfer.


The Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger – HYDAC HEX Sxxx

The design and construction of the brazed plate heat exchanger is particularly compact and efficient. The heat transfer plates are of stainless steel and are brazed with copper as standard. For use with aggressive media, nickel braze can also be used.

The copper-brazed plate heat exchanger is pressure resistant up to 30 bar, while nickel-brazed is resistant up to 10 bar. Special models are however also suitable for higher pressures.


The Gasketed Plate Heat Exchanger – Hxxx-LIQUID

Gasketed plate heat exchangers are particularly suitable for large flows and high cooling capacities. The stack of heat transfer plates and gaskets is clamped together with bolts in a frame. This means that it is possible to dismantle the plate heat exchanger for cleaning and maintenance. Furthermore, it is possible to add more plates at a later date to achieve a higher capacity.

For applications with seawater, it is also possible to supply a plate heat exchanger with titanium heat transfer plates. Various stamp designs can cater for heavily contaminated or high viscosity fluids to suit particular applications, or even if the temperature difference between the hot and cold medium is only minimal.

Safety heat exchangers with double-walled plates serve in situations where the strict isolation of different media is mandatory.

Brazed plate heat exchanger HEX series

3455623HYDAC HEX S400-20-00/G3/4"
3455655HYDAC HEX S400-40-00/G3/4"
3366746HYDAC HEX S610-10-00/G1"
3361012HYDAC HEX S610-20-00/G1"
3366754HYDAC HEX S610-30-00/G1"
3366759HYDAC HEX S610-40-00/G1"
3366760HYDAC HEX S610-50-00/G1"
3366761HYDAC HEX S610-60-00/G1"
3366762HYDAC HEX S610-70-00/G1"
3366763HYDAC HEX S610-100-00/G1"
3366764HYDAC HEX S610-120-00/G1"
3366787HYDAC HEX S615-10-00/G1"
3366788HYDAC HEX S615-20-00/G1"
3366790HYDAC HEX S615-30-00/G1"
3366792HYDAC HEX S615-40-00/G1"
3366793HYDAC HEX S615-50-00/G1"
3366794HYDAC HEX S615-60-00/G1"
3366815HYDAC HEX S615-80-00/G1"
3383853HYDAC HEX S615-100-00/G1"
3383908HYDAC HEX S522-40-00/G1 1/2"
3383913HYDAC HEX S522-80-00/G1 1/2"
3383914HYDAC HEX S522-100-00/G1 1/2"
3383925HYDAC HEX S522-120-00/G1 1/2"
3383926HYDAC HEX S522-150-00/G1 1/2"
3457465HYDAC HEX S722-20-00/G1 1/2"
3457473HYDAC HEX S722-30-00/G1 1/2"
3457474HYDAC HEX S722-40-00/G1 1/2"
3457486HYDAC HEX S722-50-00/G1 1/2"
3457489HYDAC HEX S722-60-00/G1 1/2"
3457490HYDAC HEX S722-70-00/G1 1/2"
3457491HYDAC HEX S722-80-00/G1 1/2"
3457493HYDAC HEX S722-90-00/G1 1/2"
3457494HYDAC HEX S722-100-00/G1 1/2"
3457495HYDAC HEX S722-120-00/G1 1/2"
3457496HYDAC HEX S722-150-00/G1 1/2"
4320693HYDAC HEX ZM800-40-00/G2 1/2 male*
3812838HYDAC HEX ZM800-60-00/G2 1/2 male
3963032HYDAC HEX ZH800-100-00/G2 female

Heat exchanger mounting systems

PART NODESCRIPTIONc (mm)d (mm)l (mm)Item. G (thread)
3092917HRGBLPU 25 HEX-400 ST                              19480239M8
3014028HRGBLPU 25 HEX-610 ST                              306106351M8
3014029HRGBLPU 25 HEX-615 ST                              522106566M8
3343306HRGBLPU 25 HEX-522 ST                              528246573M8
3013884HRGBLPU 25 HEX-722 ST                              613186658M8

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