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Cooler Filter Tank Unit – OK-ELDM


The Cooler Filter Tank Unit – OK-ELDM combines oil cooler, using air forced by a DC fan an across an aluminum matrix to dissipate heat from the fluid as it passes through a series of tubes. The cooler has an integrated tank and is specifically designed for mobile applications in on and off road machinery.

The product is equipped with state of the art filter with an integrated magnetic core to increase filtration capacity.


Hydraulic circuit cooling in the return line e.g. concrete mixer trucks etc.


Suction filter specially designed for in-tank installation. The element ensures minimal pressure losses coupled with good retention rate. This together with the large filter surface serves to minimize cavitation in the pump. The integrated bottom valve allows horizontal assembly of the filter so that maintenance is possible below the oil surface.

The bottom valve closes automatically on removal of the cover. The design of the filter head allows drainage of the residual oil from the housing area before opening of the filter. This eco-friendly feature prevents any contamination of the
environment during maintenance.

IBP3 indicates cooler comes with bypass.

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