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Diesel Filters

Diesel Filtration

Your first choice for mobile working machines and utility vehicles which are operated in the harshest of conditions: HYDAC Diesel PreCare. In order to secure disruption-free operation of vehicles and to protect all of the components of the motor against damage, optimum preparation of the diesel fuel is of particular importance. With its new Diesel PreCare programme, HYDAC offers a trend-setting system for diesel filtration which protects vehicle manufacturers and operators against operations disruptions, downtimes and premature service calls.


The HYDAC concept for optimum fluid cleaning:

  • Filtration for particle elimination

The function of the High Capacity Filter HCF is to eliminate particle contamination from the diesel. Its design makes it ideally suited to removing large quantities of contamination reliably in a single-pass, thereby guaranteeing the required cleanliness.


  • Dewatering by coalescence

Diesel is dewatered in the High Volume Coalescer HVC. The elements used here are not consumable items as is usually the case in filter elements which absorb free water.  Thanks to the High Volume Coalescer HVC from HYDAC large diesel volumes can thus be dewatered efficiently, ensuring responsible use of resources.

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