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Bulk Fuel Filtration

Bulk Fuel Filtration

In the past, the cleanliness level of delivered diesel fuel was rarely questioned. Now, however, the cleanliness mandates of Tier IV requirements changed: 2 μm tolerances in 30,000 psi injection systems. So, we need to pay closer attention to these levels.
Historically, an engine with poor quality filtration would probably still run (maybe not efficiently, but it would run). Today, Tier IV engines with poor quality fuel filtration will most likely suffer downtime due to failed injector(s), which equates to lost revenue. A high-quality filtration is no longer an option, but a requirement for the efficient operation of these new engines.

Tier IV Requirements Demand a Sophisticated Approach and the Highest Quality Filtration

Newly delivered bulk diesel fuel typically has an ISO cleanliness level of ISO 22/20/18 to 21/19/17. The Tier IV compliant engine, on the other hand, has injectors that require fuel with a cleanliness level below ISO 11/8/6 – which is typical of aerospace cleanliness.
The most cost effective way to consistently achieve this cleanliness level is through the use of the highest quality particulate and coalescing filtration. Both have to be at the bulk tank and on the engine itself. The engine filter alone is no longer an adequate solution. Indeed, there is simply not enough room in the engine to accomplish this. HYDAC has developed a series of both bulk and onboard fuel-specific products to address these new standards.

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