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The Low Viscosity-Housing Filter LVH-F is mainly for filtering low-viscosity fluids. It is especially suitable for applications who need to remove large amounts of dirt in just a single pass.

Moreover, the utilisation of the Optimicron® filter elements here ensures the achievement of both goals: required cleanliness and a long service life. In addition, available in various sizes, the optimal integration of the filters can be into new or existing systems.

What’s more, the configuration of the filters is in accordance with AD2000 regulations as standard. also, the configuration to ASME is possible.


  • Diesel filtration for high flow rates


  • An excellent filtration performance in a single pass
  • A high contamination retention capacity and low losses in pressure thanks to Helios pleated geometry
  • Also, it is easy to service thanks to intelligent element design
  • And it is easy to upgrade with coalescing and separation housings in order to remove water from diesel fuel


Filter elements: Click here.


Low Viscosity Housing Filter – LVH-F-115 and LVH-F-130

*** Part No not available at the moment.


Low Viscosity Housing Filter – LVH-F-140 and LVH-F-840

*** Part No not available at the moment.
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