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Assembled Motor Starter Panel – ESC

The Assembled Motor Starter Panel – ESC is an assembled Direct-On-Line starter box for starting electric pump and cooler motors on hydraulic power packs.

The ESC has the option of controlling up to four solenoids, locally and remotely. A plc text display is mounted on the door of the unit, which is used to display status of the unit. In the event of activation any of the 6 external faults or warning interfaces, a description will be displayed. All our panels are tested prior to dispatch and we ensure that we follow the AS 3000 standard.



  • 500mm x 400mm x 210mm Enclosure Size
  • IP65 ingress protection
  • 0.37..18.5kW pump motor size
  • 0.37..4kW cooler motor size
  • Lockable isolator
  • Latching E-Stop button
  • Plc with text display
  • 6 Remote fault trip interfaces available
  • Option for controlling up to four solenoids


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