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Condition Monitoring Unit – CMU 1000 Series


The CMU1000 is an electronic evaluation unit for permanent online condition monitoring of machines and systems.

In order to achieve this, the device must be supplied with relevant data which is recorded by the sensors connected to it. This recorded data (processed or unprocessed) can be transferred by the CMU 1000 via different ports or as an analogue value to other devices and/or monitoring levels. The CMU 1000 processes the application program stored in it continuously and cyclically like a PLC. The user creates this program simply and conveniently on a PC using the CM Editor developed for this purpose and then uploads it to the CMU 1000.

The CM Editor is part of the HYDAC PC software CMWIN Version V03 or higher (supplied) and it provides the various tools and functions in accordance with IEC 61131 for designing, integrating and testing the user program using “drag and drop” operations.

For status indication and for displaying messages and values on the device itself, there is a back-lit LCD display and three different coloured LEDs. The CMU 1000 is operated and data is input on site using a built-in keypad within the menu structure of the device.

The CMU 1000 is designed for use in machines in both the stationary and mobile sectors. It is possible to connect easily to higher-level control, monitoring and bus systems using the built-in interfaces or in combination with an additional coupling module.

Special features:

  • 8 input channels for HSI or SMART sensors
  • 8 input channels for analogue sensors
  • 4 input channels for digital signals
  • 2 output channels for analogue signals
  • 4 relay switching outputs with change-over contacts
  • USB slave port for PC connection
  • USB master port for storing measured data on a standard USB memory stick
  • Ethernet interface
  • RS 232 interface
  • 2-line LCD display (2 x 16 characters) to display measured data and status and/or error messages
  • 3 user-programmable LEDs in different colours, for status indication (red, yellow, green)
  • Simple operation using navigation pad
  • Creation of customised application program using the PC software CMWIN supplied


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