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FCU 2000 Series


To begin with, the Fluid Control Unit FCU 2000 is a portable service instrument. Indeed, it serves for measuring particle contamination in hydraulic and lubrication systems.

What’s more, the measurement of the values happens by using infrared technology. In addition, they are in accordance with ISO 4406, SAE 4059 and NAS 1638 classifications.


  • Hydraulic and lubrication systems
  • Servicing
  • Test rigs
  • Bottle sampling analysis
  • Also, tank analysis


  • A robust design
  • Cleanliness classes according to ISO 4406, SAE 4059 and NAS 1638
  • An integrated graphics-capable printer
  • Also, it has data output on display or via connection to a PC
  • And an RS232 or RS485 interface


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