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Our I/O slave modules are CANopen®-based, cost-effective, modular and user-friendly solutions for extending the number of I/Os in mobile applications. These controllers are best suited for different kinds of control tasks in a vehicle and act as slave units in a CAN-based network architecture. The intelligent I/O slave modules are used in combination with, and controlled by a master electronic control unit, which can be located at a different place in the vehicle and communicates with the slave module via the standardized CANopen protocol. This distributed architecture reduces cabling and makes the design more economic. If an OEM provides several vehicle variants, one or more HY-TTC 30X can be used in a modular way. This modular vehicle architecture makes the design and assembly of different vehicle variants possible and more cost- and time-effective than in the past.

Key Characteristics:

  • Easy integration and usage
  • CANopen / CANopen Safety compliant
  • Extensive I/O set with small form factor
  • Safety-certified variants available (up to PL d)

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