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HFS 2100 for Oil / Viscous Fluids


To begin with, the HYDAC flow switches of the HFS 2100 series are based on a variable area float principle and are position independent.

The test medium deflects a spring-loaded float in the direction of flow, depending on the flow rate. A reed contact is fitted to the outside of the device and is, therefore, separate from the flow circuit. So, when the magnet inside the float reaches the preset position, the reed contacts will switch.

Moreover, to protect it from external influences, the switch is encapsulated in a casing designed to allow steplessly variable adjustment. What’s more, the instruments are capable of monitoring threshold values reliably, even when the viscosity fluctuates. The kinematic viscosity may vary between 30 and 600 cSt.

Furthermore, the main areas of application are:

  • Central lubrication systems
  • Oil circuit lubrication systems
  • Transformers
  • Cooling systems and circuits
  • Lubrication circuits
  • Hydraulic systems
  • Pumps
  • Welding machines and laser systems
  • Chemical industry
  • Also, research & development


  • Oils / viscous fluids


  • An accuracy ≤ ± 10 % FS
  • A viscosity compensation from 30 .. 600 cSt
  • Any mounting position
  • A high level of functional reliability
  • A high level of switching accuracy
  • A stepless switch point setting by user
  • A high-pressure resistance
  • Also, threaded connection
  • And the ATEX version is also available for potentially explosive areas


921806HFS 2116-1W-0001-0004-7-B-0-000
921918HFS 2135-1S-0001-0004-7-B-1-000
921920HFS 2135-1S-0002-0008-7-B-1-000
921930HFS 2135-1S-0003-0010-7-B-0-000
921640HFS 2135-1S-0003-0010-7-B-1-000
921641HFS 2135-1S-0008-0024-7-B-1-000
921742HFS 2135-1S-00,8-03,0-7-B-1-000
921921HFS 2135-1W-0008-0024-7-B-0-000
921931HFS 2135-2W-0001-0004-7-B-1-000
921697HFS 2135-2W-00,8-03,0-7-B-1-000
921673HFS 2145-1S-0002-0008-7-B-1-000
921919HFS 2145-1S-0005-0015-7-B-1-000
921834HFS 2145-1S-0008-0024-7-B-1-000
921674HFS 2145-1S-0010-0030-7-B-1-000
921805HFS 2151-1W-0020-0060-7-B-0-A00
921765HFS 2155-1W-0008-0024-7-B-0-000
921698HFS 2155-1W-0010-0030-7-B-0-000
921766HFS 2155-1W-0015-0045-7-B-0-000
921767HFS 2155-1W-0020-0060-7-B-0-000
921778HFS 2155-1W-0030-0090-7-B-1-000
921768HFS 2155-1S-0008-0024-7-B-0-000
921844HFS 2155-1S-0035-0110-7-B-0-000
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