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The HYDAC EDS 1700 offers the user all the advantages of a modern electronic pressure switch. It has an integrated pressure measurement cell, a 4-digit display and a 4 switching outputs.

What’s more, the adjustment of 4 switching points and switch-back points is possible very simply and independently of one another using the keypad.

For optimum integration in monitoring systems (e.g. with PLC), an analogue output (4 .. 20 mA or 0 .. 10V) is also available.

Moreover, the main areas of application of the EDS 1700 are in hydraulics and pneumatics. Indeed, the instrument is ideal for use where a requirement for frequent switching cycles (several million), stable switching point accuracy or simple and precise adjustability is necessary.


  • An integrated pressure sensor with strain gauge on stainless steel membrane
  • An accuracy 0.5 % or 1 % FS
  • a 4-digit digital display
  • A simple operation via key programming
  • An independent adjustment of 4 limit relays, switching points and switch back points is possible
  • Analogue output signals selectable
  • Many useful additional functions
  • Also, an optional mounting position (pressure connection on the top/ bottom, keypad and display can be turned through 180°)
  • And it is possible to set it up to display values in any unit of measurement e.g.: kN, kg, psi, …


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