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The EDS 601 is an electronic two-channel pressure switch with display and analogue output. Its digitally adjustable switching points and switching hystereses make it particularly suitable for applications requiring frequent change-overs or accurate switch point setting.

What’s more, the variety of setting parameters ensures versatility of use. This can be in all control and monitoring tasks in hydraulics, pneumatics, process control and in general test and control engineering applications.


  • A two-channel pressure switches with change-over contacts
  • An accuracy ≤ ± 1 % FS
  • A 4-digit LED display
  • A signal output 4 .. 20 mA or 0 .. 10 V selectable
  • An installation as a pressure gauge or as a front panel mounted unit is possible
  • Digitally adjustable parameters
  • Also, there is an optional permanent display of the switching point or of the pressure peak value
  • And it is possible to set it up to display values in any unit of measurement e.g.: kN, kg, psi, …


907546EDS 601-009-000(-1..+9)
905196EDS 601-016-000
905197EDS 601-040-000
905198EDS 601-100-000
905199EDS 601-250-000
905200EDS 601-400-000
905333EDS 601-600-000
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