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To begin with, the pressure transmitter series HDA 4700 has a very accurate and robust sensor cell with a thin-film strain gauge on a stainless steel membrane.

What’s more, the 4 .. 20 mA or 0 .. 10 V output signals enable connection to all measurement and control devices of HYDAC ELECTRONIC GMBH. It also connects it to standard evaluation systems (e.g. PLC controls).

Moreover, the main areas of application are in the mobile or industrial sectors of hydraulics and pneumatics. Indeed, this is particularly the case in applications with restricted installation space.


  • An accuracy ≤ ± 0.25 % FS typ.
  • A highly robust sensor cell
  • A very small temperature error
  • It has excellent EMC characteristics
  • Also, a very compact design
  • And a persuasive price / performance ratio


Pressure transmitters HDA:

4700 series (4-20 mA)

907301HDA 4744-A-006-000
906298HDA 4744-A-016-000
907279HDA 4744-A-060-000
907302HDA 4744-A-100-000
907303HDA 4744-A-250-000
906604HDA 4744-A-400-000
907281HDA 4744-A-600-000
907304HDA 4745-A-006-000
907278HDA 4745-A-016-000
907280HDA 4745-A-060-000
906729HDA 4745-A-100-000
906392HDA 4745-A-250-000
906393HDA 4745-A-400-000
907305HDA 4745-A-600-000


4700 series (0-10 Volts)

907306HDA 4744-B-006-000
907307HDA 4744-B-016-000
907308HDA 4744-B-060-000
907309HDA 4744-B-100-000
907310HDA 4744-B-250-000
907311HDA 4744-B-400-000
907312HDA 4744-B-600-000
907313HDA 4745-B-006-000
907314HDA 4745-B-016-000
907315HDA 4745-B-060-000
907316HDA 4745-B-100-000
907317HDA 4745-B-250-000
906507HDA 4745-B-400-000
907318HDA 4745-B-600-000



909425HDA 4748-H-0016- 000
909429HDA 4748-H-0016-000(-1..+9 bar)
909426HDA 4748-H-0100-000
909337HDA 4748-H-0250-000
909427HDA 4748-H-0400-000
909428HDA 4748-H-0600-000


Pressure transmitters with HART protocol

923242HDA 4776 F21 3000 000
923263HDA 4775 F21 0700 000
923561HDA 47F9 F21 6000 DS 000
923562HDA 47C9 F21 15000 DS 000
923594HDA 4775 F21 0200 000
923655HDA 4775 F21 0500 000
924464HDA 47F9 F21 06000 AS 000(72")
924749HDA 4746 F21 0016 000
924882HDA 4746 F21 0250 000
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