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Electronic Distance Sensor – HLS 528


The distance sensor HLS 528 is a non-contact, highly compact sensor for measuring distances to fluids and objects.

By definition, its functional principle (measurement of sound transmission time) means that it operates with an extremely high resolution and measurement rate.

Moreover, the HLS 528 is available for measuring ranges up to 6000 mm. It is also available in three signal output versions:

  • 2 switching outputs
  • 1 analogue output, either 4 .. 20 mA or 0 .. 10 V
  • 1 or 2 switching outputs

What’s more, it is possible to simply and conveniently adjust the sensor using two push-buttons and a self-explanatory menu structure. In addition, a 3-digit display indicates the latest distance and 2 three-colour LEDs also show the operating condition.


  • A contact-free distance measurement
  • A measurement range up to 6000 mm
  • A various signal output versions available
  • A very high resolution and measurement rate
  • An integrated temperature compensation
  • A 3-digit display to show the latest distance
  • 2 three-color LEDs to display the operating status
  • Switching and switch-back points can be adjusted independently
  • Also, a selectable analogue output (optional)
  • And it is only for use in depressurised applications


921287HLS 528-2-0250-F
921288HLS 528-2-0350-F
921289HLS 528-2-1300-F
921290HLS 528-2-3400-F
921291HLS 528-2-6000-F
921292HLS 528-3-0250-F
921117HLS 528-3-0350-F
921293HLS 528-3-1300-F
921294HLS 528-3-3400-F
921295HLS 528-3-6000-F
922172HLS 528-5-0250-F
922173HLS 528-5-0350-F
921624HLS 528-5-1300-F
921807HLS 528-5-3400-F
922174HLS 528-5-6000-F
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