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EVS 3108 H – Electronic Flow Rate Transmitter with HSI-Sensor Recognition


The HYDAC series EVS 3100-H and EVS 3110-H are flow rate transmitters with HSI sensor recognition. They serve for use in conjunction with HYDAC measuring instruments HMG 500, HMG 510, HMG 3000, HMG 3010 and CMU 1000. Plus, for data transmission, the EVS 31×0-H has an HSI interface (HYDAC Sensor Interface).

What’s more, it is possible to recognise the HSI sensors via the HSI interface by the above-mentioned HYDAC measuring instruments. Also, each sensor takes all the necessary. As with all flow rate transmitters in the series EVS 3100 and EVS 3110, the EVS 31×0-H also operates according to the turbine principle.

Furthermore, the speed of an impeller turning in the fluid flow is measured and converted into an electronic signal.


  • A fully automatic recognition by, and voltage supply from, HYDAC measuring instruments HMG 500, HMG 510, HMG 3000, HMG 3010 or CMU 1000
  • An automatic transfer of measuring range, measured value and measurement unit
  • Also, viscosities of 1 .. 100 cSt
  • And an additional connection of temperature and/or pressure transmitters possible


909293EVS 3108-H-1(006-060 l/min)
909403EVS 3108-H-2(040-600 l/min)
909404EVS 3108-H-3(015-300 l/min)
909405EVS 3108-H-5(1.2-020 l/min)
909406EVS 3118-H-1(006-060 l/min)
909407EVS 3118-H-2(040-600 l/min)
909408EVS 3118-H-3(015-300 l/min)
909409EVS 3118-H-5(1.2-020 l/min)

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