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HMG 510


The HMG 510 is a hand-held instrument for simple measurement tasks on hydraulic and pneumatic systems in mobile and industrial applications. Compact and simple to use, the HMG 510 is an ideal tool for all those involved in maintenance, commissioning, and service. What’s more, a connexion up to two sensors with the HYDAC Sensor Interface (HSI) to the HMG 510 is possible.

HYDAC HMG 510 and sensors for condition monitoring

To begin with, the sensors are available to measure pressure, temperature and flow rate as well as sensors for condition monitoring (also known as SMART sensors). Some examples of SMART sensors are the HYDACLAB® Oil Condition Sensor, the AS 1000 AquaSensor and the CS 1000 Contamination Sensor.

Indeed, the HMG 510 automatically recognises these sensors and takes all the necessary basic settings from each sensor. The display of the measurement values and the corresponding physical unit are on an easy-to-read LCD display. In addition to this, the HMG 510 enables upload on PC of measured values saved in the SMART sensors.

What’s more, with the aid of the HYDAC PC software “CMWIN”, it is possible to display the measurement data stored in the SMART sensors on a PC screen. Indeed, these results will be in the form of a graph and therefore, available to analyse, edit and save. The HMG has a standard integrated USB port to enable this data transfer.

Moreover, the HMG 510 has a function for setting mechanical pressure and temperature switches precisely and reliably.


  • A portable 2-channel data recorder
  • A simple and user-friendly key operation
  • A large LCD display including battery status indication
  • 2 sensor inputs, automatic sensor recognition
  • It especially serves to display measured values from condition monitoring sensors (SMART sensors)
  • A measuring range and unit of measurement of the sensors connected to it are recognised automatically
  • Zeroing (taring) of the individual measurement channels
  • A display of the actual measured values
  • A display of the differential (channel A minus channel B)
  • Min. or max. value indication, with reset function
  • Also, a setting device for mechanical pressure and temperature switches
  • And a USB port


HMG 510 Series

909889HMG 510-000-E


Accessories for HMG 510 Series

6040851ZBE 30-02 (cable M12x1 for HMG)
6040852ZBE 30-05 (cable M12x1 for HMG)
3236597ZBE 34 (adabtor M12/ binder for HMG)
3236601ZBE 35 (adaptor M12 Hirschmann for HMG)
6043006Case for HMG 510
6043562External Power Supply 230 Volt

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