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ETS 320 Pressure Resistant for Inline Installation


The ETS 320 is a compact electronic temperature switch with a 3-digit display.

Pressure-resistant to 600 bar with an integrated 18 mm temperature probe, the installation of this model can be directly inline or on the hydraulic block. It has a measuring range of -25 .. +100 °C.

Different output models with one or two switching outputs, and with the possible option of an additional analogue output signal of 4 .. 20 mA offer a variety of application opportunities.

The adjustment of the switching points and the associated hystereses can be very quickly and easily using the keypad.

For optimum adaptation to the particular application, the unit has many additional adjustment parameters (e.g. switching delay times, N/C / N/O function, etc.).


  • Compact temperature switch with integral temperature probe
  • 2 transistor switching outputs, up to 1.2 A load per output
  • Optional analogue output signal 4 .. 20 mA
  • 3-digit display
  • Switching point or window function
  • Set up of the switching / switch-back points and many useful additional functions is possible using the keypad


907531ETS 326-3-100-000
907578ETS 386-3-150-000
907919ETS 328-5-100-000
907532ETS 388-5-150-000

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