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Fluid Aqua Mobil – FAM 10


The FluidAqua Mobil units in the series FAM 10 operate according to the principle of vacuum dewatering to separate free and dissolved water and gases from hydraulic and lubrication fluids.

By using HYDAC offline filter element technology with its high contamination retention capacity and separation capacity, the unit is extremely economical.

As an option, all units can be equipped with and also controlled by measuring instruments for monitoring the water content and particle contamination continuously. A built-in heater is also available as an option to increase the dewatering capacity.

The Siemens S7 series of programmable logic control (PLC) in combination with a Siemens control panel in various languages guarantees simple and reliable operation.


  • Extremely low residual water levels, gas levels and particle contamination in the operating fluid ensure:
    • Longer oil changes intervals
    • Improved component service life
    • Greater machine availability
    • Reduction in the LifeCycle Cost (LCC)


  • Viscosity range: 15 … 800 mm²/s
  • Contamination retention capacity in accordance with ISO 4572: 200 g
  • Flow rate (at 50 Hz): ≈ 15 l/min


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