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Ion Exchange Unit – IXU


The IXU series of easy-to-service ion exchange units is designed to condition non-flam hydraulic and lubrication fluids based on phosphate esters (HFD-R). They are effective in removing the acidic products of degradation resulting from hydrolysis and/or oxidation of the fluid as well as metal soaps present in the fluid.

The units are used offline with flow rates of up to ≈ 9 l/min on hydraulic and lubrication oil tanks. Mobile and stationary versions of the IXU are available. The IXU uses HYDAC’s own Ion eXchange Elements (IXE) filled with ion exchange resin.


  • Effective removal of acids and metal soaps
  • Free of extractable metals or particles, in contrast to fuller’s earth or activated aluminium oxide
  • Units are easy to service
  • Available as a complete unit for oil service work and as a modular system for retrofitting in existing offline circuits or for OEMs. In addition, we recommend that dewatering is carried out continuously using, for example, a FluidAqua Mobile FAM.


  • Reduction in functional problems, e.g. on servo valves
  • Extended service life of the operating fluid
  • Increased machine and system availability


  • Prolonged oil change intervals
  • Service-friendly units through element change without tools and with a removable filter element with the cover “facing upward”


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